Blog Posts from January 2010

God Bless Our Boys In BDU

Posted: 4:19pm 1/30/2010

See, I really did learn everything I need to know in the sand box...

Talk about a healthy outlook...

Sleep well, you earned it.

It took me a while to even see him.

Up a Tree...

Posted: 4:08pm 1/30/2010

They say the pen is mightier than the sword.

Yeah, I'd still rather have a gun.

Shhhhhh... Its a secret.

Posted: 2:29pm 1/30/2010


We'll be having a sale on guns and ammo soon. Tell your friends so they get a chance to come check out the inventory. If they miss it, our prices are always competative, but if you can save your buddy a buck why not?

Check back here for more info, dates, etc.

See you soon.

CTAGA Anual Wichita Gun Show

Posted: 2:23pm 1/30/2010

Hey to all you antique buffs.

Be sure to look us up at the 2010 Chisholm Trail Antique Gun Assocations Annual Wichita Gun Show. We wouldn't miss it and you won't want to either.

Here's the info:

Where:            Kansas Coliseum
When:             March 6 &7
How Much:    According to the website $8

Eight Bucks for two days! WOW! I spent more than that watching big trees blow up in Avatar.

Get more info at .

See you there.

Wichita's Shooting Headquarters

Posted: 1:51pm 1/30/2010

It's Time!

As part of our comitment to being Wichita's Shooting Headquarters, we have added this new blog. Check back often to get the skinny about us, tips, tricks, upcoming events, and our take on news important to the shooting community.

If you have a question about shooting, taking care of your firearms, or a subject you would like to see discussed, leave a comment.

See you soon Wichita!