Bullseye Classes : OPFOR presents Practical Pistol for Defense

Cost: $100.00

4 hour class
10 student limit per class
Dates: Sunday, March13th  3p.m-8p.m.

Class Overview:
Practical Pistol Defense is a class designed to help teach defensive handgun manipulation to novice shooters and reinforce defensive concepts to more experienced shooters.

The class will cover safety, proper operation and manipulation, front sight shooting principles,  shooting positions and  basic stoppage clearing.

This class is highly reccomended for anyone obtaining a CCH or those who already have a CCH.


  1. Fundamental pistol knowledge
  2. A modern, working semi automatic pistol or revolver with three magazines (.380, 38spc., 9mm, etc.)
  3. 200 rounds of ammunition
  4. Comfortable attire

Call 316-686-7264 for reservations.